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Lake Placid offers some of the most interesting flying in the northeast. Mountain wave of course, but also local mountain thermal flying, and ridge flying as well. We will be on site even in overcast conditions as a wave window may open up for us. This is not flying in Hawkesbury. The best way to learn is to avail yourselves as often as possible as the law of averages will pay off dividends with a single good flight. Ask Real, Evangaliste..... or anyone else who has hooked into wave. In short being there is what its about. Consistency. Mother nature will do the rest. Opportunity awaits starting September 18 every weekend until the end of October. Bring a tent or ask about accommodations.

Information and Documents by Bernie Palfreeman and Bob Katz

Photo by Réal Le Goueff

On trouve au Lake Placid des conditions de vol parmis les plus intéressantes dans le Nord Est. Il y a le vol d'onde bien entendu, mais aussi du vol de thermiques et du vol de pente. Nous sommes sur les lieux, même lorsque le ciel est couvert car des conditions de vol d'onde peuvent se manifester à tout moment. Si vous voulez augmenter vos chances de faire un vol exceptionel, visitez le Camp de Lake Placid régulièrement. Vous pouvez demander à Réal, Évangéliste et d'autres pilotes qui ont eu la chance de faire des vols inoubliables. Le camp ouvre dès le 18 Septembre, à tous les weekend jusqu'à la fin Octobre. Apportez votre tente ou demandez-nous les informations au sujet des accomodations de Lake Placid.

Information et Documents de Bernie Palfreeman and Bob Katz

Photo par Réal Le Goueff


A message from Bob Katz:

This weekend was an excellent start to the MSC 2004 Lake Placid wave camp. Thanks go out to the MSC crew that came out to assist with ferrying equipment and helping with set up. Alain, Andre Pepin, Albert, Christian, Hicham, Francis, Steve, Hans, (hope I'm not forgetting anyone...) all pitched in to kick off the operation.
Small tow plane glitches were repaired Saturday under the direction and control of Francis, diagnosed very astutely by Andre R. Pepin, and repaired by Hischam. We launched into a furry of area check flights to familiarize many welcome newcomers to the Adirondack High Peaks Region and our playground.
XS got off the ground finally at 3:15 and was towed to Whiteface. Francis (tow pilot) snugged up to a cloud in the area. I requested a 180 degree turn around the "rotor" hoping it was just that and not just any other cloud. Half way through coming about I say IMJ move out of position slightly - not a bad sign, and yes rotor. I released and hooked the more laminar flow on the upwind side. The Wave petered out at close to 14,000'. Not expecting wave that day I did not have my trusty long johns on or my camera for that matter. Something I was only to regret more and more as the flight continued.
I practiced benign spiral dives to get down to warmer air and moved over to Algonquin to take a looksee. Still considerably above the scattered layer, I notice a pronounced opening over Mt Colden. Hmmm. As I flew over I saw a long line of rotor cloud below. Positioning XS over the leading edge my vario went positive again. The sun was getting low to the horizon while I was still 2,000 over the clouds a well within glide range to LKP. Heading out at 120 mph I tried hard to burn off altitude to get closer to the clouds. Eventually I was where I wanted to be. I pushed the stick forward in completely smooth air that registered +4 kts at 110 kph. I continued to push as the glider accelerated to 260 kph at almost level flight! A gentle pull up and wing over set me up for another pass at the same speed. I repeated this several time and lets say I did not get bored with it. Dancing on clouds at 260 kph in the setting sun - VFR on top and not loosing altitude. Spectacular. If I only had my camera.... The legal day was coming to a close and reluctantly I had to come down.
Sunday's skies eventually opened up to scattered to broken and strong thermals. Another good day to just be there.
Looking forward to seeing all interested pilots down there. If you have any questions, drop me a line.