Joining MSC


Come and learn to fly with us and enjoy the pleasures of soaring with one of the best fleets in Canada! After a day of flying, stay with us for a friendly drink in our comfortable clubhouse, or relax in our heated in-ground pool. Gliding is an exciting, stimulating sport open to everyone. Fly to new heights with the MSC!


Instructions for new members who wish to become glider pilots are a very important part of our activities. To become a glider pilot, you need to either have a glider-pilot license or to have convinced our pool of instructors that you are advanced enough to be allowed to fly “solo”. Our pool of instructors is ready to help anyone who has the motivation to get to that stage.


Gliding instructions are offered any day of the week, but especially on the weekends for students who wish to learn gliding. All instructors are volunteers, hence all you need to pay is the club membership, glider rental and tows. In addition, we are likely to insist that you contribute some elbow grease and help with gliding operations on the flight line very soon after you become a member.


Instructions are offered on a first come first fly basis at the club flight line. Should you be interested in seeing if you would indeed like gliding, you can take 5 instructions flight package. If you wish to continue, a part of the 5-flight package payment will be credited to your membership fees (about $200). As a new member, you will pay a membership fee (reduced rate for the first year), a fee for the rental of the gliders per minute of flight and a tow fee every time you take a flight. Till you are certified to be “solo”, you have to fly with an instructor. The number of flights you need to become solo depends upon your abilities and comfort level for learning flying. The number has varied between 25 and 100 in the past.


What should you do if you want to start? Call the club (613-632-5438) on a weekend morning between 9 – 10 a.m. to check if the weather has permitted for the flying activities to be opened. Arrive at the club (1804 Country road no 4, L’Orignal, Ontario K0B 1K0, near Hawkesbury; bring sun glasses, sunscreen, a hat, some lunch and drinks) as soon as you can after that and come to the flight line. Talk to any member or an instructor, if one can be found (they are usually flying with students). We take over the process from there. You can also call on a weekday – although we cannot guaranty you an instructor. Once you become a member, you will use google agenda which will allow you to plan your activities much better.