Introductory Glider Flight

Gliding is one of those things that everyone must try once in a lifetime. How else will you know what birds feel when they fly? MSC offers introductory flights on most weekend days, weather permitting.

Gliders go up to two seats, so we can take only one passenger at a time. You as the passenger will sit in the front seat, while the pilot is in the back seat. All the glider’s controls and instruments are duplicated, so that if you want you can let the pilot demonstrate you how the glider is controlled.

An introductory flight costs $150 (tax included) and lasts between 25-30 minutes. You can pay either cash or by credit card.

We cannot take reservations for introductory flights due to the unpredictable duration of glider flights. So it works on a first come first fly basis. Best time to come is generally between 1 and 3pm. Plan on spending at least two hours at the airfield. Bring sunglasses, sunscreen, a hat, some refreshment, maybe your lunch. And remember to bring your camera for a souvenir of your soaring experience.

MSC operates from Hawkesbury Airfield, which is 3.5 km west of the city of Hawkesbury, ON. It is about one hour driving from either Montreal or Ottawa. The address is 1804 County Road 4, L’Orignal, Ontario.