Introductory Glider Flight

Gliding is one of those things that everyone must try once in the life time. How else will you know what birds feel when they fly? MSC offers introductory flights any day that weather permits flying. A trained MSC pilot will take you for simple and smooth flight (like a goose) or show you some interesting maneuvers (like an eagle) should you have the stomach for them – your choice.

Each introductory flight costs $150 and lasts between 25-30 minutes. We do not make reservations for such flights. If you are interested, call the club (613-632-5438) to check if the weather has permitted us to fly that day. After that, simply arrive at the club (1804 Country road no 4, L’Orignal, Ontario K0B 1K0, near Hawkesbury; bring sun glasses, sunscreen, a hat, some lunch and drinks), proceed to the flight line and inform someone who looks like a member that you are interested in an introductory flight. We are not a commercial operations and hence do not have reception counters etc.


Can I take an introductory flight?
Yes, we offer introductory flights on most sunny days from May to November. Come and visit us!What is an introductory flight?
An introductory flight is the first step for anyone interested in gliding. All introductory flights are carried out under the command of a qualified pilot and are planned to help you discover the pleasure and the sensations of soaring. The introductory flight is an exciting and stimulating adventure that everyone enjoys!

What happens during an introductory flight?
Before the flight the pilot in command will point out to you the different parts of the glider including the instruments and controls, and explain to you how everything works.

Two-place gliders have a tandem configuration with one seat behind the other. The pilot in command sits in the rear seat which allows him to observe you and you sit in the front seat which gives you the best visibility and facilitates instruction. All the controls and instruments are duplicated for the two seats.

During the flight the pilot will explain how to keep track of where the airfield is with reference to points on the ground. The pilot will also show you how the controls work. The duration of an introductory flight is usually 20-25 minutes, depending on conditions, and the maximum duration is fixed at 30 minutes. Come and try it!

How much is an introductory flight?
An introductory flight costs only $150 including tax.

Why fly with the MSC rather than another club?
To take advantage of our competitive fees and to enjoy the pleasures of soaring with one of the best fleets in Canada! After a flying day, stay with us for a friendly drink in our comfortable clubhouse, or relax in our heated in-ground pool. Gliding is an exciting, stimulating sport open to everyone. Fly to new heights with the MSC!

Can I reserve a glider?
All flights are carried out according to the rule first come first served, so we don’t offer reservations. This rule applies for visitors and members alike. Just come to the MSC airfield and it will be our pleasure to help you discover the pleasures of soaring. The availability of qualified pilots and aircraft varies from one day to another, but a sunny Saturday or Sunday is almost always an excellent opportunity to take an introductory flight.

Where is the MSC Airfield?
MSC’s Hawkesbury Airfield is 3.5 km west of the city of Hawkesbury on Route 4, at 1804 County Road 4, L’Orignal, Ontario. It’s very close to the Quebec border and we do in fact fly regularly over Quebec.

What should I bring for my introductory flight?
You don’t need to bring anything special. We do suggest that you wear sunglasses and a hat to protect you from the sun. Sunscreen is essential, because the canopy doesn’t protect you from the sun’s rays. Bring along a camera if you want to take some great souvenir pictures of your introductory flight!